Summary of “Love, Sugar & Cookie”

Published June 15, 2018

This is a story about twin sisters. It is about their love for each other and their strong bond. It is also about how they are the same, but very different, and it is a true story. I used photographs taken over the years to illustrate each and every page.

I hope this book brings to life what I enjoy every day. These two little flurry balls are the love of my life. I cannot imagine my world without Sugar and Cookie in it. I knew right away that they were very special dogs. People would surround us in the park to take pictures of them. When I take them in the stroller for a walk or in the car for a drive, people ask to take a pictures with them.

The smiles that they put on the faces of every person that has the pleasure of meeting them is what lets me know these dogs are very special.